Volltext: Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 2 (1910) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith (2)

Second Nodical Clinic, Charité. 
■professor Dr, Prugsch, and Professor von Bergmann, 
Dr. Plesch. 
This new i'J. edical Clinic is in a marvellous building, as elegant as the 
new Rockefeller Institute Hospital in hew York, all of the fittings being 
of the finest and most expensive character. "Tie chemical laboratory is 
beautifully equipped with a special room for ether extractions, Xjeldahl 
digestions, sand-baths heated with gas, and a drying apparatus after the 
principle of Taust. Below is the Roentgen ray room, with lead glass 
windows, and electro-cardiogram apparatus with a string galvanometer, 
the vibrations being deadened by means of a sand mattress (ITikolai). 
The respiration calorimeter, mb. ich is a Rubner apparatus intended for 
experiments with dogs and children, is very perfect. Professor Heubner 
of the Children's Clinic was in the room when they were explaining it to 
me and when they made the statement that it could be used for either dogs 
or children, he shook his head. It is now modified so that determinations 
of the oxygen may be made. There is a large soda line chamber, but the 
carbon dioxide is still determined by barium hydroxide. The oxygen is 
supplied from a bomb and the bomb is weighed. Professor Kraus said that he 
anticipated great results from this chamber. 
There was also a large Rubner respiration apparatus or Petterikofer-Yoit 
chamber for man, and a Zuntz-Peppert apparatus, and they had planned to use 
the latter apparatus inside the large chamber. Dr. Plesch, who^made a great 
many gas analyses in the laboratory, said that he had used both the Zuntz- 
Ceppert apparatus and also Haldane's, but thinks it all depends upon mho 
\ises it. He also believes that the Zuntz circulating scheme for oxygen 
mill never work with these large respiration chambers. In discussing the 
mercury pump in which water is used to raise and lower the mercury, Plesch


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