Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 1 (1907) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith
Benedict, Francis Gano
made to give the pipes a pitch so as to accomplish this result. 
The assistants are also califcioned to open these pipes for only 
a second or two at a time and thus endeavor to replace the warm 
water with cool. From a careful examination of the system of 
piping, it seems to me that it is not satisfactory and that the 
check valve employed at Middletown, whereby the water drains 
out of the pipe, is much better. 
For cooling the water for the calorimeter chamber and the 
water used for cooling the outer air spaces, Prof. Hagemann has 
a parallel system of pipes, one containing brine from an anrnonia 
machine and the other containing cooling water. For the ex¬ 
periments he has thus far made, this system has been very satis¬ 
factory. I doubt if it could be successfully applied to our 
Zones for temperature measurements.—There are five zones 
about the calorimeter chamber in which the temperature measure¬ 
ments are taken and the apparatus for cooling or heating the 
various sections is sub-divided to control independently any 
one of these zones. There is a top section, bottom section, 
and three zones on the sides of the chamber, middle, 
and lower. No special precautions are taten to sub-divide 
the air spaces next to the zinc wall with partitions. 
One very practical point of great value is the distribu¬ 
tion of the electrical resistance thermometers inside the 
chamber. Prof. Hagemann has three sets corresponding to 
his three zones, one near the top, one about half way up, 
and a third near the bottom. This distribution of theremometers 
would be of great value in studying the thermal gradient in


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