Volltext: Reports of Visits to Foreign Laboratories, vol. 1 (1907) [Illustrated Typoscript in 7 volumes] Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Cecil E. Leith (1)

/w ' / 
ile considers the body has several deposits of material, protein, fat, 
and carbohydrate. These are supplied from the food. when wor’K is 
done, these deposits are drawn upon but the process of drawing upon 
them is entirely independent of the process of supplying them. Only 
when the storage of glycogen is very low is there are influence of the 
food ingested upon the hind of material btirned during work. It is n 
interesting assumption but rather difficult to believe wholly, since 
this would assume that the protein of food must be converted into a 
deposit before it can be burned and this idea is not in accord with 
i'olin, if I am right. The general idea as expressed above has been 
incorporated In an article by Prof. Johansson in a Festschrift 
Measurements of development of men and women.—Johansson in , tudy- 
ing the size and shape ol the mother in influencing the size and shape 
of the child took measurements of the circumference of the thigh ,.nd 
upper right arm with a steel or brass strap about £0 mm. wide. The 
thigh measurement should be taken as high as possible in the groin but 
the nature of the measuring band will make the measurement adjust it¬ 
self to about vertical to the axis of the thigh. The arm should be 
bent at right angles but not tense. This is a valuable measurement 
to show development, so he found it, and recommends it where but few 
measurements are to be taken. The circumference of the thigh, plus 
the circumference of the arm is, in the average woman,exactly one-lulf 
the height. 
Johansson’s ergometer.--The ergometer devised by Prof. Johansson 
for studying both static and muscular work was shown in some of the 
figures describing the Tigerstedt laboratory, Prof. Johansson’s mech¬ 
anician gave me a photograph of himself seated at the form of ergometer


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