Volltext: The psycho-physiological effect of the elements of speech in relation to poetry

Now when the — column has a number i in it, it means that the 
average of the tappings for this or that subject were greater for 
the pleasant (P) experiments than for the unpleasant; when there 
is a 2 under this verbal fraction, it means that the unpleasant 
experiments produced the greater motor discharge. And the 
P U 
same for the figures under the symbols — and —,—when there 
N N 
is the figure i under — it means that the averages of the tappings 
for the pleasant experiments were greater than for the neutral, 
and the same way throughout the other symbolic representations. 
So that we have a concise summary of the correlations between 
the feeling tone and motor discharge for these 240 experiments, 
with respect to the mean of the tappings, all on this one page. 
If we ask, then, who are the absolutely constant subjects, the 
answer is that they are in the null class; !for in every vertical 
column we find the ones and the twos scattered all through, with 
only tendencies of one kind or another looming large. Where 
there are no figures in a column, it means that there were not 
enough different judgments to make a correlation: for example, 
there were in A’s judgments on the affective value of Keats’ 
poems, no neutral predicates attached to the experiments, and so 
on. In D’s judgments on the Shakespere experiments, there 
were only one kind of predicates given, and so in the columns in 
which there are no figures for a certain poet, we have slight basis 
for correlation. 
Following this page, we have another table, which shows the 
same correlations over again, and also the correlations between 
the mean variation and the feeling tone; the figures mean the 
same as before, and here one can see a very much better correla¬ 
tion than with the mean alone. This is the conclusion : that upon 
consideration of the preponderance of twos in the first two col¬ 
umns, our former statement is again verified, that it is not the 
pleasant experiences in these experiments which call for the 
greatest amount of motor discharge, but the unpleasant and the 


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