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likeness to the instance of Taste is very striking An 
extremely small quantity of the irritant is agreeable as 
stimulation, but only to the dulled and blunted nervous 
centres of adults : while even with them a slight excess 
brings on the painful and destructive degree of action. 
Furthermore, each of these stimulants, when inhaled in lanre 
quantities, exercises a destructive action upon the tissues of 
the lungs; while, if swallowed in excess, they will prove 
injurious, as we have already seen, to the coats of the 
stomach and intestines. So that we have here a double 
instance of the establishment of an organic consensus, the 
pungency at once warning us off from inhaling the irritant 
vapour in any large amount, and deterring us from making 
any further experiment by putting the body whence the 
vapour arises into our mouths. Children and dogs are 
generally sufficiently instructed by the nose not to eat any¬ 
thing on which mustard or pepper has been spread : and the 
violent irritation caused by large volumes of pungent vapour 
soon urges us to remove the smelling bottle, or to rush from 
the loaded atmosphere into the open air, as the case may be. 
Passing on to the pure olfactory sensibility, we shall find 
it convenient to take separately the two classes of sensations 
which yield indications of the probable effects upon the 
stomach and the lungs respectively of bodies which give rise 
to smell. In the first of these two classes we notice that 
the scent of cooked meats and other relishes is pleasing so 
long as we are hungry, but becomes distasteful as soon as 
we have eaten to repletion. This shows a sympathy with 
the stomach exactly analogous to that of Taste. Similarly,


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