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The nose may be divided into two sensitive regions. The 
first, situated at the entrance of the nasal cavity, is supplied 
with nerves of touch from the trigeminus, and yields sensa¬ 
tions which are mainly tactual. The second, situated in the 
olfactory chamber, is supplied, in addition to these, with the 
pure olfactory nerve, and yields sensations of its own peculiar 
character, most of which are in sympathy with the stomach 
and the organ of taste. 
The object of Smell is two-fold, and this makes its treat¬ 
ment a little more complicated than that of Taste. In the 
first place it is an anticipatory Taste, and guides us towards 
those objects which are useful for food, while it strongly 
repels us from those which will prove injurious. In the 
second place it is premonitory of the effect upon the lungs of 
the gases inhaled, being gratified by those of a pure and 
healthy nature, while it is irritated by such as will prove 
prejudicial to the blood or pulmonary tissues. We shall 
have to consider its various phenomena in both these lights. 
The tactual sensibility of the nose is due to its trigeminal 
fibres and is excited by those volatile bodies which possess 
the power of chemically stimulating the nerves of touch in 
other situations. Ammonia, which as we have seen acts 
powerfully on the skin and the tongue, is a pungent stimu¬ 
lant to the nose. So are pepper, mustard, cayenne, and the 
other bodies of that class. Acetic acid and similar very sour 
substances, if capable of volatilization, affect the nose in a 
certain distinctive manner, which bears some analogy to 
their lingual effect. Alcohols and many ethers also produce 
a slight stinging sensation. In every one of these cases the


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