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tnstes are normally stimulative is evidenced by the fact that 
no concentration of sweetness ever becomes painful ; the 
only disagreeable feeling that can result from them beins: 
the fatigue of excessive excitation, which we call beino* 
7 O 
cloyed ; and even this is very slowly induced. That bitter 
tastes are actively destructive is evidenced by the fact that 
they are not pleasant, as mere stimulation, even in the 
minutest quantities: whence we may conclude that their 
action is instantaneously disintegrative, since whenever there 
is a sufficient amount of the sapid body to be perceived at 
all, it is perceived as unpleasant : or, to put the same pro¬ 
position in objective instead of subjective terms, wherever 
there is a particle of the body large enough to affect the 
nerves at all, it affects them in a destructive manner. 
Although we cannot yet account chemically and physiologi¬ 
cally for the mode of operation in either case, yet we can 
easily see why, in the gradual formation of the consensus 
between the organs, a modification which would produce this 
effect must naturally arise. 
Almost all the vegetable productions which enter largely 
into the food of man, especially in the uncivilized state, are 
characterized by the presence of sugar in greater or less 
quantities. Still more is this the case with those tubers, 
fruits, and succulent portions of plants, which are fitted for 
the use of the Quadrumana generally. Hence the fact that 
a natural substance contains sugar becomes in the unsophis¬ 
ticated state a rough test of its desirability as food to a 
mainly herbivorous race ; and we might consequently expect 
that there would be developed in them, at the entrance to the


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