Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Beethoven, the duomo of Milan. Yet even here we see 
this community of feeling, that what is at once simple and 
beautiful is pleasing to the highest and lowest intelligences 
alike :—instance a daisy or a butterfly, an old English 
melody, or a Homeric ballad. And here, too, as before, 
we need only account for those feelings which are most 
common and universal, knowing that the special and higher 
ones are merely more complicated and more representative 
combinations of the same elements. 
Nor must we suppose, because Æsthetic Feelings are 
simply relative to the nervous organisation of the indivi¬ 
dual, that an absolute æsthetic standard is impossible, and 
that good and bad Taste are mere matters of convention. 
On the contrary, it follows from what has been said above 
that bad Taste is the concomitant of a coarse and indis- 
criminative nervous organisation, an untrained attention, a 
low emotional nature, and an imperfect intelligence ; while 
good Taste is the progressive product of progressing fineness 
and discrimination in the nerves, educated attention, high 
and noble emotional constitution, and increasing intellectual 
faculties. Though it is obviously impossible for us at our 
present point of development, confessedly imperfect, to set 
up a final and absolute standard of Taste, we are yet bound 
to accept as a relative and temporary standard, the judg¬ 
ment of the finest-nurtured and most discriminative, the 
purest and most cultivated of our contemporaries, who have 
paid the greatest attention to æsthetic perceptions ; assured 
that while it may fall far short of absolute perfection, it will at 
any rate be far truer and higher than that of the masses. If


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