Volltext: Physiological Aesthetics.

breadth of moral sympathies, we find the higher arts striving 
faintly and tentatively after the embodiment of those senti¬ 
ments which are most in harmony with the highest aims 
and aspirations of the race. The older appeals to the 
monopolist senses, to the selfish feelings, to the narrower 
sympathies of class, and race, and nationality, and creed, are 
yielding place, we may hope, at least in our poetry and 
possibly even in our imitative arts, to the nobler sentiments 
of all-embracing humanitarianism. It is in this way and in 
this way only that art can fully deserve those eulogistic 
titles which it so often receives. So long as it remains 
merely a means for the gratification of the senses, without 
strengthening the higher consonant aims of life, it can only 
claim to rank as the most exquisite and self-sustaining 
among the selfish enjoyments. When it rises to be the 
handmaid of ethical purpose, it may worthily take its place 
beside the grandest products of human development, Science 
and Right, having as its object to enrich and beautify our 
lives by tuning us unconsciously into harmony with whatever 
is noblest in nature or in man.


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