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H 7 
lens, are mostly absorbed by the surfaces upon which they 
fall, instead of being reflected like the light-rays : and the 
quickest or ultra-violet rays, besides being absorbed by the 
crystalline lens in the production of fluorescence, are pro¬ 
bably present in very small numbers in dispersed light. At 
any rate, confining ourselves to the visible portion of the 
spectrum, we may conclude with great probability that the 
existence of special nerve-terminations for the perception of 
the various colours is due to the sifting of total solar Æther- 
waves by most terrestrial surfaces, and the consequent dis¬ 
persed reflexion of different systems of undulations from 
different bodies in the environment. As any tendency which 
might arise towards the establishment of such differentially - 
affected structures would be obviously for the advantage of 
the organism, by giving it more specialized information with 
regard to food, enemies, or other relatively-important facts 
in its surroundings, it would of course be perpetuated and 
increased through the joint action of heredity and selection, 
so as to produce at last that minutely-constructed and 
highly-discriminative organ, the mammalian and human 
With this brief and somewhat diagrammatic résumé of 
the mode of action in vision we pass on to our more proper 
subject, the pleasures and pains derived from the eye. 
§ 4. General Emotional Phenomena of Sight. 
The eye, like the ear, is not ordinarily exposed to any de¬ 
structive disintegrative action, nor to violent and long-inter¬ 
mitted stimulation. Hence its pains are chiefly those of


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