Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

will perhaps aid us in estimating the importance for our pre¬ 
sent subject of the sense which we have now to attack. 
Amongst natural aesthetic products owing their beauty to 
visual qualities we may mention, in the organic world, briglit- 
hued flowers, green leaves, plants or trees, and coloured 
foliage ; sea anemones and other brilliant radiata ; shells of 
mollusca or articulata ; butterflies, beetles, and moths ; birds 
of bright or delicate plumage ; and many graceful or beau¬ 
tiful mammals, such as the antelope, the zebra, the tiger, and 
the hare. Here, too, we must place the beauty of human 
beings, man or woman, adult or child. In the inorganic 
world, we have gems and precious stones : marble, amber, 
jet, and porphyry ; the various metals, especially gold and 
silver ; with all the coloured woods, stones, sands, and clays. 
Amongst effects of light in a more transitory form may be 
reckoned the rainbow and the hues of sunset, the solar spec¬ 
trum, the dew-drop, and iridescence generally on water, ice, 
crystals, or thin plates of any transparent substance. ^Ve 
have direct light in the sun, fixed stars, fire-flies, glow-worms, 
and the phosphorescence of the sea. Amongst larger collec¬ 
tions of natural objects we may notice woods, valleys, moun¬ 
tains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, rocks, waterfalls, the stormy 
ocean, the blue expanse of heaven, and the autumn tints 
upon the forest. All these, combined, go to make up what 
we call scenery. To this list we must add the artificial pro¬ 
ducts which man has wrought out of these natural objects or 
agencies. Beginning with the feathers, shells, and pebbles 
of the savage, we go up through all the grades of dress, dyed 
cloths, purple and fine linen, silk, lace, furs, jewellery, and


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