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Experimental Researches on the Tension of the Vocal Bands [A paper read at the Fifth Annual Congress of the AMERICAN LARYNGOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, May 23, 1883. Issued as a supplement to the ARCHIVES OF LARYNGOLOGY, July, 1883, Offprint]
Hooper, F. H.
Inspection of the dissected human larynx enables us to 
see that the distance from the vocal process of the aryte¬ 
noid cartilage to the crico-thyroid articulation is greater 
than the distance from this point to the anterior edge of 
the cricoid cartilage. The pivot then being at the articula¬ 
tion, the long arm of the lever is above, the short arm in 
front of the fulcrum. The diagram herewith presented, 
drawn from exact measurements, and representing the 
inside of the right lateral half of a human larynx from which 
the soft parts have been removed, shows us at a glance the 
relative proportions of the unequal arms of the lever. The 
fulcrum, denoted by the black dot, is directly opposite the 
crico-thyroid articulation. 
Now here are two artificial larynges roughly constructed 
to illustrate the points of the present inquiry. The models 
are composed of a skeleton of wood, enclosed in a piece of 
thin rubber tubing, which renders them air-tight, with the 
exception of a small opening in the top, into which a glass 
tube is inserted. For convenience of description they may 
be designated as Nos. i and 2. No. i is articulated on the 
principle of the human larynx, namely, with the short arm.


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