Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

when discovered, and by whom, 245. 
their structure, by whom illustrated, 269, 
forms in which they arise, ib. 
lacteals, do openings exist in them? 270. 
do not exist in bones or in the eye, 246. 
glands, structure of, 273. 
vessels, their structure, ib. 
are they connected with secreting canals? 
are they connected with the small veins? 
terminations of, 275. 
functions of, 276. 
salts absorbed by the lymphatics, 277. 
proofs that lacteals perform absorption, 245- 
changes produced by them on their con- 
tents, 280. 
influence of inflammation on, ib. 
not performed exclusively by lymphatics, 
performed by blood-vessels, 246. 
by capillaries, 249. 
influence of heart’s action on, 257. 
rapid imbibition of fluids by them, 249. 
by capillaries, time required for, 246. 
of chyle, 255. 
by organic attraction, 256. 
effect of plethora on, 257. 
changes of matter absorbed, ib. 
by the skin, 258. 
interstitial, 260. 
by animal tissues, not always owing to en- 
dosmosis, 255. 
action of poisons through, 253. 
Acephalous monsters, 
circulation in,204. 
state of vascular system in, ib. 
Acetic acid, its action on the red particles of 
the blood, 149. 
in the gastric juice, 366. 
its influence in digestion, 388. 
Acids, influence of in digestion, 388. 
Acini, described, 435. 
of Malpighi, 426. 
exist in but few compound glands, 441. 
of the liver, 439. 
of glands, without efferent ducts, 4i 7. 
Adipose tissue, 
cells of, 110. 
Age, influence of on the production of animal 
heat, 76. 
its influence on composition of the blood, 
its influence on the heart’s action, 183. 
old, its characteristics, 855, 
Ages of life, 
characteristics of the different, 853. See 
Air, volume of respired, 289. 
changes produced in it by respiration, 294. 
effects of its injection into the veins, 165. 
Air-tubes, muscular contraction of the, 318. 
its properties, 101. 
in a state of solution, ib. 
in the coagulated state, 102. 
is nearly identical with fibrin, ib. 
an ingredient in lymph and chyle, 100. 
gaseous elements of, 103. 
in serum of the blood, 101, 161. 
proportional quantity of in blood, 161. 
Aliments. See Food. 
Aliment, proportion of in the excretions, ac¬ 
cording to Dalton, 454. 
Alimentary canal, 
different forms of the, 338. 
its mucous membrane,—glands, 344. 
mucous membrane, Dr. Horner’s descrip¬ 
tion of, 345. 
its muscular coat,—serous coat, 348-9. 
its movements, 349. 
secretions poured into, 361. 
ciliary motion in, 644. 
Allantois, formation and connection of, 842-3. 
definition and mode of action of, 63. 
divided into two classes, ib. 
effects of their employment in excess, ib. 
narcotic, 64. 
Amnion, formation of, 842. 
Anasarca, presence of albumen in the urine, 
in, 462. 
duration of excitability in, 39. 
wherein they differ from plants, 45. 
sensation and voluntary motion peculiar to 
them, ib.


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