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Appendix to the Sciopticon Catalogue of Apparatus and Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
blue ground; then gradually turn off the light from Mer¬ 
cury till the blue tint alone appears, and from it bring oat 
Slide 3. Ice View. Now gradually vanish the blu< 
light, and from the Ice View comes— ' 
Slide 4. Mercury, medium size. The ice is made to 
disappear, and the figure of Mercury to grow more and 
more bright, and to be followed by— 
Slide 5. Clouds, heavier than the former. Then 
follow with—• 
Slide 6. Our new Lightning Effect. Cover the olv- 
jective by passing the hand forward to the front of it, and 
turn the dissolving-cock handle to the middle; with a quick 
movement, uncover the objective two or three times, by 
passing the hand back and forth in front of it ; then mov¬ 
ing the lightning slide an inch or so, repeat the operation, 
and so continue till all parts of the sky receive a due pro¬ 
portion of electric display. Removing the lightning -lido, 
dissolve into the red tinter slowly, by withdrawing the hand 
from before the objective with the fingers a little open,so as 
to get a pretty effect of color upon the clouds, till they, in 
turn, gradually disappear, followed by— 
Slide 7* Mercury, largest size, which manage as be¬ 
fore, so as to have a bright view of the figure with the msv 
background. Now vanish the tint and follow with— 
Slide 8. A Colored Moonlight View, in which the 
statue will appear to rest. 
This set of eight slides (equivalent to ten in lanterns 
without tinter attachments), all in crystal form, for the 
sake of uniformity, is priced at $(.>.00. 
Among other sets are the Magic Lily and Dance of the 
Fairies, Venus Emerging from the Sea, the Flight of finie, 
the Journey of Aurora, etc. The order of their showing is 
indicated by the numbers attached to each slide. '1 he tintera 
and the same ice and clouds may be used with either set-


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