Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
In reducing the prices of plain glass slides to (ho following extr 
ly low rates, our difficulty is very greatly augmented by < ur anxl« I f 
to sell only such as are unexceptionable in uualii.v. In sell 
supply our chief solicitude will be In the future, as it 1ms heon In Uia 
past, to get hold of only the slides that will prove satisfactory to 
customers and creditable to the Seioptlcon. 
In revising the so lists we have reference to our be-d sources of sup¬ 
ply, to a wide distribu! ion ©f subject*, and to limiting tbe enumeration 
to what is most desirab'e. Views of every variety In the mark t, 
whether herein enumerated or not, will bo furnished at the ein 
Any of the following class, unless exceptionally rare or difficult to 
obtain, are priced as below. 
Class XL. American Views. 
1 Lewiston, Maine. 
2 Continental Cotton-Mill,Lew¬ 
iston, Me. 
3 Post Office, Portland, Me. 
4 City Hall. 
5 United States Hotel,Portland. 
6 Panorama of Portland. 
7 Franconia Mountains, N. H. 
8 Walker’s Falls. 
9 Profile Lake. 
10 Echo “ 
11 Flume. 
12 Suspended Boulder Flume. 
13 Pool. 
14 Profile House. 
15 Lonesome Lake. 
16 Mt. LaFayette. 
17 White Mountains, N. H. 
18 Mt. Washington. 
19 “ en al Station. 
20 Summit House, White Moun¬ 
tains, N. H. 
21 Tip Top Ho iWhite Moun¬ 
tains, N. H. 
22 Carriage Read, White Moun¬ 
tains, N. H. 
23 Glen House, White Moun¬ 
tains, N. H 
21 Silver Cascade, Crawford 
25 Willey Rouse. 
20 “ Family Furniture. 
27 Crawford House. 
28 Pulpit Rock. 
29 Brida I Veil Tills. 
30 Frozen Könnt un (30 ft. high). 
81 Frozen Falls. 
32 Mt. Washington Railway. 
31 Fabyan House. 
34 Twin Mountain House, Car- 
roll, N. H. 
35 Jacob’s Ladder. 
34 Diana's Bath, N.Conway,N.II. 
37 Artist’s Falls. 
38 Falls of the Ammonoosuc. 
39 Gorham. N. H. 
40 Centre Harbor, N If. 
41 Lake Winniplseogee. 
42 Daniel Wfbster’s Place, 
Franklin,N. H. 
43 Bethlehem. N. H. 
41 Littleton, N. H. 
45 Mom poller, Vt. 
•16 Newbury, Vt. 
47 Panorama of Boston. 
48 View of Boston lfurbor. 
49 Navy Yard, Bost in. 
51 Washington Street, Boston. 
51 Old Soul h I burch. 
52 Old State House. 
53 Quincy Market, 
54 Fatieull Hull. 
65 Bunker Hill Monument, 
54 New State House. 
57 Parker House. 
58 Tremoiit “ 
59 Masonic Temple. 
(iO Boston Common. 
61 The Old Elm, Boston Com¬ 
02 Publia Gardens. Boston. 
03 The Brewer Fountain. 
04 Ether Monument. 
65 Statue of Washington. 
04 Com un ui wealth Avenue, 
07 Summer Street. 
03 Hanover " 
09 Church of the Immaculate 
Cone- pt ion. 
70 City Hull.


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