Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
3 “ Tho Washington ” Chrom::trope. A new nnd beautiful de¬ 
sign, with a photographic likeness of Washington in the centre 
(copied from Stuart’s celebrated painting in the Boston Athe- 
nseum), and the stars and stripes revolving around it in glo¬ 
rious array. Each, . . . . . . . . $5 50 
4 “The Lincoln’’ Chromatrope. A correct likeness of our la¬ 
mented President in the centre of a revolving display of bril¬ 
liant colors. Each, . . . . . . ..550 
5 “ The Good Night ” Chromatrope. The words “ Good Night,” 
encircled by a wreath of flowers in the centre of a Revolving 
Chromatrope—very appropriate as a closing piece of an exhi¬ 
bition. Each,.........5 50 
6 “Good Night.” The words of Good Night in a wreath of 
flowers—by moving a slip the words appear, . . . . 3 50 
7 Moving Waters. Represents the Waters moving in the Moon¬ 
light—a very beautiful and natural effect, . . . . 2 50 
8 Marcy’s Eidotrope..........75 
9 View of Old Ruins, which, by being turned around, changes to 
Portrait of an Old Woman,....... 
10 Views of Rocks and Shrubbery, which by being turned around, 
changes to Portrait of a Satyr, ...... 
11 Holland Windmill, with Revolving Pans..... 
12 Jeff Davis before, the war—a fierce-looking Soldier ; by turning 
the slide, the same painting represents him after the war—a 
long-eared Jackass, . . • • • 
13 Bombardment of Fort Sumter ; the Ironsides throwing Shell, . 
14 Mount Vesuvius—Eruption ; throws out Fire and Smoke, 
15 Snow Slide—representing falling Snow. Each, 
16 The Seven Boys—The Pleiades, ...... 
17 Fountain, . ......... 
18 Newton’s Disc, revolving slides, with prismatio colors, for ro- 
composing white light, ... .... 
19 A Slide representing the rolling up of a Curtain—intended for 
. commencing an exhibition, 
5 00 
5 00 
5 00 
5 00 
5 00 
5 00 
4 50 
5 00 
5 00 
5 00 
5 50 
This curtain is not needed with the Sciopticon.aa its present front arrangement 
answers the purpose far better, and can bo used wita any slide. 
20 “Our Peacemakers,” Dissolving Chromatrope. Arranged for 
dissolving effect, for two lanterns, on two slides. Une 
slider exhibits the National colors in Chromatropio effect, 
with black centre, for one lantern. The other slider, in¬ 
tended for the other lantern, contains on a movable slider, 
five life-like portraits of President Lincoln, M nj or- Oc lier¬ 
ais Grant and Sherman, and Admirals Farragutand Porter, 
which appear in the centre of the Chromatrope in succes¬ 
sion. Per set,


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