Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
tives which we exclusively hold) are made in New Depart¬ 
ure style at $2 50 each. All the emblems in the degrees of 
Entered Apprentice, Eellow Craft and Master Mason, 
arranged in accordance with the American system of lec¬ 
tures, are distinctly shown on thirty plain glass slides. 
The price of the set is ten dollars. These and some other 
technical subjects are not catalogued in detail. 
Views of interest in different parts of the Avorld, named in 
class vi, are among our most beautiful slides ; and the list 
might be greatly extended to advantage, were it not that 
all subjects that admit of being taken directly from nature 
are now mostly preferred in Levy or other plain slides. 
The Scientific Department of Part Second can hardly be 
better ; the Scientific Sciopticon slides of Part Third, how¬ 
ever, cover much more ground for less money, and in this 
direction we are resolved that something more than has 
been done shall be done. The same departure from the 
old three-inch size is carried iuto statuary and the wood- 
mounted scientific slides. The increased cost prevents re¬ 
duction in price. 
Great care has been taken to catalogue, in Part Third, the 
most desirable selections from the almost endless variety of 
foreign and domestic glass slides, and to arrange them in 
natural order. 
It will be observed that we not only claim to represent 
improved apparatus, but that our prices, where concession 
is admissible, range very low. 
We are gratified by the growing favor with which the 
Sciopticon in both forms is received, and we choose not to 
load it down in its course with lame accessories, poor slides, 
high prices, or unlooked-for contingent charges.


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