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Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
Comparison of Vic Different Sources of 
Of course, the brighter the illumination the more satis¬ 
factory are magic-lantern projections. Lights are so vari¬ 
able that an exact ratio of their relative intensity can hardly 
be given, and besides, their efficiency cannot be counted in 
exact proportion to the amount of light given. 
The Electric light is by far the most intense, but, for the 
most part, the difficulties at present attending its use practi¬ 
cally throw it out of the question. 
The Magnesium light, though approaching the Lime 
light in brightness, is too uncertain to be relied on, and its 
fumes are troublesome. 
House gas, though well suited for common illumination, 
lacks the concentration so essential in the lantern 
Practically the Lime light, variously rated at 100 candles 
and upward, must mostly be relied on for brilliant public 
Marcy’s lamp gives the brightest' flame illumination, but 
it is not only its amount of light and its intensity, but its 
advantageous shape, which gives it such remarkable effi¬ 
ciency in the Sciopticon 
Of course the room should be effectually darkened pre¬ 
paratory to an exhibition. The apparent brightness of the 
pictures, however, depend very much on whether the pupil 
of the eye is more or less dilated. It is’ safe to say that a 
person con^pg to an Oildight exhibition from the dark*ess 
of evening would be as much impressed by it as if coming 
suddenly from the light of day to witness the effect of lime 
light. Care should be taken, therefore, to give time for the 
eye to become accustomed to the darkness, and to prevent 
dazzling brightness from reaching the spectators from the 
instrument, or from the white screen, as well as from lights but 
partially shut off. According to the same principle, passing


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