Volltext: Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides

to relieve the room from unpleasant darkness. They fix 
impressions upon the brain, so to speak, with a photographic 
accuracy and fullness of detail not realized in that modern 
favorite, the blackboard, even with an accomplished 
draughtsman as lecturer. 
While these projections may not fully take the place of 
models and physical instruments, they may be largely used 
in their stead, and, moreover, they can present enlarge¬ 
ments of what in them is small, bring into view hidden 
parts, show in detail what is complex, and so cover the 
whole ground of au extensive and expensive assortment of 
other philosophical apparatus, and very much besides 
An Oil-light Sciopticon and case, with a slide-carrier and 
a glass tank, and two hundred scientific sciopticon slides, 
showing more than two thousand objects distinct and clear, 
are all now herein offered for one hundred dollars. These 
representations are as well classified, and can be as plainly 
seen, to say the least, as the real objects in the cabinets of 
any academy of natural science. These sciopticon slides 
are remarkably clear, and yet vigorous, so as to be suited 
both for the oil and for the lime-light. Poor slides are 
sometimes sold at half price, but it is a new thing for the 
best slides to be offered at less than half price. There must 
be large demand to justify such reduction. 
The cost of producing each depends much on the quantity 
made, and the profit depends much on whether the whole 
protection meets with ready sale. As bottom prices and 
lavish advertisements are incompatible, I ventifte here to 
solicit of educators a good word freely spoken by those who 
know, to fellowdaborers who do not know, the advantages of 
our apparatus and terms. 


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