Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Priced Catalogue of Sciopticon Apparatus and Magic Lantern Slides
Marcy, L. J.
Without the expense or fatigue of travel, as has been 
truthfully and glowingly said, the beholders are carried, in 
imagination, to far distant lands, where they may gaze 
upon the art treasures and wonders of the old world, or on 
the mystic temples and pyramids of the river Nile. They 
may run riot through the beautiful palaces of Versailles, 
or may see pass before them a panorama of events covering 
ages of ancient history. 
These wonderful sun-pictures, seen as they are, magnified 
and illuminated by the intense lights used, convey to the 
mind of the spectator a better idea of the places and scenes 
depicted than could be had by reading volumes upon 
Volumes of books of travel. In speaking of the statuary 
shown, the artists themselves say, that the fullest beauty of 
the original sculpture is stereoscopically reproduced ; in fact, 
the marble seems standing out before you in bold relief. 
Projected pictures in the lecture room have pe¬ 
culiar advantages over charts and sketches, which are 
so much and so deservedly praised by modern educators. 
They arrest attention, as when there came forth fingers of a 
man’s hand and wrote upon the plaster of the wall in 
Belshazzar’s palace. They are not subject to wear and 
tear, like unwieldy picture charts let down from rollers or 
sorted out of mammoth portfolios, but they follow one 
another without fuss or confusion, “ like the baseless fabric 
of a vision,” and then dissolve away and relieve us from 
all care. They may be enlarged or contracted, or raised or 
lowered, or faced to right or left, or changed from grave to 
gay, or varied by a succession of surprises with the greatest 
facility, though in appearance they are as large and solid 
as the Alps. 
They are free from the confusing gloss of painted and 
Varnished surfaces ; they are seen from every direction in the 
best light, and are themselves the source of sufficient light


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