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The Sciopticon Manual, Explaining Lantern Projections in General and the Sciopticon Apparatus in Particular Including Magic Lantern Attachments, Experiments, Novelties, Colored and Photo-Transparencies, Mechanical Movements, etc.
Marcy, L. J.
scapes (except when clouds are present), perfectly clear 
glass. The particular tone requisite to suit the positive, 
is a matter of taste. A warm sepia will be found suit¬ 
able for most transparencies ; but each operator must 
exercise his own peculiar feeling in this matter. 
In making positives to be exhibited by the magic lan¬ 
tern, it is well to consider the variety of light to be used 
in projecting the picture upon the screen. Where pow¬ 
erful illumination, such as the oxy-hydrogen or magne¬ 
sium lights are used, positives may be made slightly 
stronger, showing more contrast than where a weaker 
form of illumination is employed. 
The slides should be protected from scratches and 
dust, by a piece of clear glass of the same size, neatly 
pasted on the edges with muslin. 
Positives on glass can also be made by the wet pro¬ 
cess, from negatives of the proper size, by pasting a thin 
strip of cardboard upon two edges of the negative (col¬ 
lodion side). The sensitive plate is prepared as usual, 
and is placed, while in the dark-room, in close contact 
with the negative, separated only by the cardboard. It 
is then exposed behind the negative, to diffused sunlight 
or artificial light, for a few seconds, returned to the dark¬ 
room, and developed. This plan admits of no change 
in the size of the negative. Mr. L. J. Marcy’s appara¬ 
tus for printing wet plates by lamp-light, has given sat¬ 
isfaction to many who have not an opportunity of mak¬ 
ing experiments by daylight. 
The proper size for glass pictures to be used in lan¬ 
terns of convenient proportions, is a debatable subject. 
Glasses of 31 x 31 being generally used, but advantages 
are claimed for a slide 81 x 41, that have some weight. 
In placing this slide in the lantern, the additional length 
of the glass allows the corners to be held by the thumb


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