Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Sciopticon Manual, Explaining Lantern Projections in General and the Sciopticon Apparatus in Particular Including Magic Lantern Attachments, Experiments, Novelties, Colored and Photo-Transparencies, Mechanical Movements, etc.
Marcy, L. J.
A largo plate of glass leans forward on the front of the 
stage, but its edges are so hidden by the curtains that its 
presence is not suspected. A “woman in white” stands 
down in front, concealed from the spectators by the usual 
board near the orchestra, and is highly illuminated by 
the light from a magic lantern. The spectators, in the 
darkness and distance, see the actors upon the stage 
through the glass, and also the ghost reflected from the 
glass so as to appear on the stage with the rest. The 
actors do not see the spectre, but they put on the ap¬ 
pearance of fright for the benefit of the spectators. 
The apparition vanishes as the light is withdrawn from 
“ the woman in white.” The lantern is used because it 
illuminates an object without diffusing light in other 
On this principle we may see people in a room through 
a window, with the reflected images of parties outside 
standing among them. It seems not a little surprising 
to see one person cutting through the space occupied by 
An excellent and cheap tank (similar to the one shown 
in Fig. 26), but with permanent clamps without screws, 
is now shaped so as to slide into the Sciopticon stage 
without drawing forward the extension front. As the 
space at the top is unobstructed, all sorts of experiments 
with it arc easily managed. Living creatures encaged 
in it, in air or water, figure upon the screen in huge pro¬ 
portions, and with wonderful activity. Some fish and 
parts of many insects are so transparent as to show in¬ 
ternal structure. Even opaque objects, when their out¬ 
lines are sharply focused, appear in relief unlike a mero 
'hadow. With almost every object thus shown, except


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