Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Sciopticon Manual, Explaining Lantern Projections in General and the Sciopticon Apparatus in Particular Including Magic Lantern Attachments, Experiments, Novelties, Colored and Photo-Transparencies, Mechanical Movements, etc.
Marcy, L. J.
or other object, in the aperture at 0; after which it is 
brought to a focus by the object-glasses at F, and finally 
again polarized, or analyzed, by the Nicol’s prism F, and 
thence thrown on the screen, the disc on which should 
not exceed three feet in diameter. 
Fiff. 57. 
The phenomena connected with the polarization of 
light are attended by a most gorgeous display of colors, 
and are, in consequence, among the most attractive in 
the whole range of physical optics ; an apparatus, there¬ 
fore, which facilitates their exhibition to an audience 
becomes a most valuable adjunct to the magic lantern. 
The subject itself is, however, of too recondite a naturo 
to admit of adequate treatment in the present manual; 
the reader is therefore referred to Pereira’s lectures on 
“ Polarized Light,” “ Ganot’s Physics,” and other works 
on Physical Optics. 
The objects best suited for the polariscopo are designed 
with films of selcnito of various thicknesses and forms;


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