Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Sciopticon Manual, Explaining Lantern Projections in General and the Sciopticon Apparatus in Particular Including Magic Lantern Attachments, Experiments, Novelties, Colored and Photo-Transparencies, Mechanical Movements, etc.
Marcy, L. J.
The Sciopticon Tinters.—The tinting-glasses are 
drawn np close behind the objective lens by means of 
rods terminating in knobs above. This lets the color 
down upon the screen—not with a sharp outline like 
the curtain, but with a gradual shading. With the blue 
tint partially drawn, this property gives to plain pho¬ 
tographs of scenery, a blue sky, shading off without 
abruptness down to the horizon. Slightly drawing up 
the blue, then the red, and then turning the button 
attached to the opaque curtain a little, fades away 
gradually the upper portion of the disk, as is desirable 
in such slides as the Ascension. The reverse movements 
bring into view gradually the “ Soldier’s Dream,” “An¬ 
gel of Peace,” &e., nearly as well as with two slides in 
the dissolving lanterns. All the appearances formerly 
pi’oduced by colored glass slides are better effected by 
these tinters. If at any time the rods become too loose, 
the stop screws may be tightened. 
The New Slide Stop.—The ca'tch drawn out from the 
underside of the stage, and turned back almost out of 
the way, is intended to stop the slide in its proper posi¬ 
tion, but not to interfere with its being moved smoothly 
along and out by the incoming slide when slipped for¬ 
ward from the catch by the left hand. 
The catch pushed back into its sheath, leaves the 
stage entirely unobstructed for those who prefer to ad¬ 
just the slides by hand only, and for other than wooden 
The use of stops is the more necessary with a paii of 
instruments, as it is essential to a proper effect that the 
dissolving views should occupy exactly the same place 
on the screen without any readjustment after the dis¬ 
solving becomes visible.


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