Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The Sciopticon Manual, Explaining Lantern Projections in General and the Sciopticon Apparatus in Particular Including Magic Lantern Attachments, Experiments, Novelties, Colored and Photo-Transparencies, Mechanical Movements, etc.
Marcy, L. J.
The Chimney Cap of the Sciopticon now telescopes 
into its base, so as to give added length and greater 
draft when drawn up. It should not be elongated, how¬ 
ever, when the instrument is first lighted—especially if 
the wicks are not well saturated with oil—but when 
well under way, the added length, with a correspond¬ 
ing turning up of the wicks, gives greater brightness, 
and more effectually draws off the heat. 
The Sciopticon Curtain.—Turning the milled head 
at either side, gives the appearance upon the screen of 
a curtain rising, or falling, thus handsomely opening 
or closing an exhibition. It may also be temporarily 
closed at any time, to allow the attention to be directed 
to other exercises. 
The process of changing the pictures may he hidden 
from view by shutting off the light with the left hand; 
then pushing the out-going picture into the left hand 
by sliding another into its place with the right; and 
then flashing on the light with the right hand ; all of 
which may be sooner done than said. In any change of 
programme the awkwardness of showing the “ full moon,” 
or the disk without a picture, may always be avoided by 
using the opaque curtain. 
This curtain also serves as a back cap for the object¬ 
ive, protecting the back lens from dust and light when 
not in use, as the front cap protects the front lens.


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