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much weakened, the pupil in a dark place will have its edges a little 
retraced by the acfiion of the longitudinal fibres, and in a bright 
light will be fomewhat leffened by the contradlion of the circular 
ones ; but thefe motions will be much more inconfiderable than in 
a found eye. 
In all the cafes above mentioned, the difeafe called by Hippo¬ 
crates, and others among the ancients, %iuspô:\Q7rictt will happen, z. e. the 
patient will fee in the day-time, but in the twilight and night-feafon, 
he will not be able to diftinguifh objects. An inftance of this I 
had lately in a young man of about 27 years of age, who had ferved 
for fome time in the navy, where he had been expofed to much fa¬ 
tigue and cold; his eyes appeared found -, nor could I obferve that 
they differed from the eyes of other people, excepting that the pupil 
had very little motion : it remained always pretty narrow, and was 
neither remarkably contracted by light, nor dilated in the dark. 
This perfon faw well enough in the day-time, efpecially if the wea¬ 
ther was ferene ; but in the twilight, or in an obfcure place, was fo 
far. from diftinguifhing objeCts, that he could fcarcely find his way: 
as his pupil had fome motion, it is probable, that the fibres of the 
iris were not quite paralytic, though much weakened: his feeing in 
the day-time fhewed, that the retina was either wholely, or in a good 
meafure, found 5 and that his blindnefs in a faint light was owing 
to the pupils hot being dilated fo as to admit a fufEcient quantity 
Gf rays into the eye. 
If, after an inflammation of the iris, a rigidity is left on its cir¬ 
cular or longitudinal fibres, the pupil will be deprived, either 
wholely, or in a great meafure, of its ufual motions ; and may be 
either too much contraaed, or greatly dilated: if the former, the 
patient will only fee well by day ; if the latter, the eye will not be 
able to bear a bright light, and therefore the patient will fee befl 
in the fhade and by candle-light 5 u e. he will labour under the dif¬ 
eafe called VIfY.TU\U7riCC. 
Although in an amaurofis the pupil is generally much dilated, 
yet this is not always the cafe ; for as often as the fibres of the 
uvea are intirely deprived of their contraaile powers, the pupil ap¬ 


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