Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

W. TT» Iiis cafè, 4^5* See CäfßSt ... " 
Walpole (Horace) his cafe, 433—443. See Cafes. 
— ■—■»-.---—«-obfervations on it, 444—451 •% 
■ --------------- ■ ■ .-— poftfcript to it, 478, 479 
Warm bath. See Bath. 
Water (cold) fuddenly contrails theveffels, and pores of the fkin, 493 
Water in the head. See Hydrocephalus. 
Water (warm) injeded into the arteries of animals newly dead, produces fome motion in the 
mufcles, 24. 25. 194 
Waters (Carlfbad) obfervations on their Iithontriptic virtue, 479—483 
Wepfer, his account of the adion of the ftomach, 32. 47. 50 
Will, power of ßimult over mufcles fuperior toit, 14, See Mind. 
Wind, in the ftomach and inteftines, acaufeof nervous diforders, 570—572 
———- ■ - effeds of it various in the fame and in different perfons, 571 
■ ----- a fymptom of nervous diforders, 591—593 
— ,,n —■— the caufe of the incubus, or night-mare, 626. Ùc, 
——--of the cure of it in the ftomach and inteftines, 699—701 
Wine (fpirit of) a good deobftruent, 239 
•- beft taken on an empty ftomach, 641 
Winflow, the firft who obferved that the pupil became narrower after death, 70 
Women, more fubjed to nervous difeafes than men, 540 
— -- fometimes affeded with convulfions from flight caufes, 543 
Worms, itching of the nofe, a fymptom of them, 499 
--give rife to nervous complaints, 573. 574 
---remedies againft them, 66$ 
" ----- the fymptoms they occafion difficult to be diftinguiffied from thofe of the hydrocepha¬ 
lus internus, 736 
Yawning infedious, 134. 496. 583 


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