Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

UlteniSi, affeCted by the titillation of the vagina, 58. 
T- the paffage of the ovum into it defcribed, 58 
* - its iympa^iy with other parts, 500 
Uvea (orbicular inufele of) uniformly contracted fo long as the ßimutus aCts with the fama 
force, i3 
* -- and iris, their mufcles contrat and dilate the pupil, 59 
Vagina, effets of its titillation, 58 
Veins, poffeffed of irritability, 276 
Veins (pulmonary) the force of the blood in them, 40. 41 
Veins (bibulous) to be found on the furfaces of all the cavities in the body, 248 
Vena cava, the blood returning by them, the caufe of the heart’s contraction, 25, 
----the force with which the blood returns by them to the heart, 33. 4p 
— ----- their capacity compared with that of the pulmonary veins, 42 
—— --continually agitated with alternate contractions, 229 
Ventricles, why their motion is not fynchronous with that of the auricles, 3 5 
---blood returns with greater force to the left than to the right, 40. Ses Heart. 
Veftcula femtnales, the ßimulus of their Jemen the caufe of the erection of the penir, 5g 
Veflels (abforbent and laCteal) of the motion of their fluids, 243—253 
---—--------delcription of them, 243 
-----------attract fluids like capillary glafs-tubes,. 244, 245. 
--— the paffage of the chyle into the laCteals accounted for, 245. &c. 
-.---—— --are endowed with irritability, 275. 276 
Velfels (blood). See Blood. 
Veflels (fmall) inquiry into the caufes which promote the circulation of their fluids, 211_2$$ 
—— —---■- different opinions on this fuhjeCt examined, 211—213 
— --_--force of the heart infufKcient for this purpofe, 113. &c. 
— -vibratory motion in them, the principal caufe of the circulation of their fluids^ 
«----- different opinions concerning this examined, 227. &c. 
«-■ -- motion of their fluids very flow, 236. Notes. 
~— ---excited into motion by the ßimulus of their fluids, 515, Notes, 
Vine, the motion of its fap accounted for; 235. 246 ^ 
Viper, its poifon not hurtful, unlefs received by a wound, 28 
--the motion of its heart, àc. after death or reparation from the body, 187. 204. 287. 
288. 289. 290. 302 
Vomiting infectious, 134. 158. 496. 583 
-■ ■ a black vomiting, a fymptom of nervous diforders, 593—595 
-— of the cure of it and indigeftion, 695—698 
Voyage. See Sailing. 
W. T0


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