Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

comatofe, the pupil foft became remarkably ^yvide, and was not 
fenfibly affected by -a lighted candle brought very near the cornea : 
about 15 hours after this, looking into Ms eye, I obferved, with 
fome furprize, the pupil not larger than in a found eye in a moderate 
light. At this time having endeawoured to rouie him, by holding 
fpirit of fal ammoniac, to his noftrils, and making-him fwallow fome 
cinnamon water with ftp. volat. oleof. the pupil was thereby fud- 
denly dilated, and became as wide as it had been the evening be¬ 
fore, After half an hour, he was feized with a greater degree of 
ßupor, and his pupil became again remarkably lefs as -above, and 
fo remained equally in all degrees of light ; but upon applying a 
fécond time the fpirit of fal amnion. to his nofe, it was quickly en¬ 
larged, fo as to occupy two thirds of the cornea. This experiment 
I repeated four times in the {pace of two days, and always with 
the fame fuccefs. During mot of this time, the pi-ilfe was ftrong 
and full. When his head was opened after death, we found imme¬ 
diately below the corpus callofum about two ounces of water. 
From this cafe it feems probable, that the dilatation of the pu¬ 
pil foon after the coming on of the coma, was owing to the com- 
predion of the thalami nervorum opiicorum, by the water collected in 
the brain, which rendered the retina infenfihle of the ftimulus of light. 
Soon after, the origin of the nerves of the uvea beginning to be 
compreffed by the growing collection of lymph, the longitudinal 
fibres of this membrane loft their power of contraction, and be¬ 
came flaccid, a! mo ft as in dead bodies ; whence the edges of the pupil 
were lefs retracted. The volatile fpirits applied to the olfactory 
nerves, by giving a {hock to the whole brain and vervous fyftem, 
in fome degree opened the obftructed nerves of the uvea, fo as to 
allow their influence to be derived into its fibres, the neceftary con- 
fequence of which was the dilatation of the pupil. But as 
foon as the effect of this ftimulus was over, the influence of 
their nerves being again intercepted, the longitudinal fibres of 
the uvea were relaxed, and therefore the pupil was lefs dilated. 
As thefe different ftates of the pupil were more remarkable in 
the left than in the right eye, it is probable, that one fide of 


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