Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Inteftines, continue their motion after taken out of the body, 185. 192 
——-- their fenfibility compared with that of the heart, 283—285 
--their fympathy with other parts, 497—*499 
Iris and uvea, their mufcles contrail or dilate the pupil, 59 
—■ difference betwixt its motion and that of the heart, 143. 
Irritability, of it, 274.---306 
• --implies fenfibility, 280. 283. 295--306 
■--is always in proportion to fenfibility, 281.295. 296. &£> 
--depends on the brain and nerves, 285 
---not owing the mufcular glue, 292—295 
• --no analogy betwixt it and gravity, 294. 305. 306 
--- dellroyed by cold and renewed by heat, 298 
• --——* le/Tened by opium, 299 
Irritation. See Stimulus. 
Iffues, of ufe in headachs, 656 
Jurin (Dr) a miftake of his rectified, 72 
Keil (Dr) his calculation of the furface of the lungs, 41. Notes> 
----------- of the proportion the branches of arteries bear to their trunks, s-tcr 
Kidneys, proved to be endowed with fenfibility, 264 
——— and ureters, their fympathy with other organs,. 499, 
Ladeal veffels, See Veflèls 
Langrifh (Dr) cut the carotid and crural arteries of a dog, without injuring the motion of any 
of the mufcles, 6 
---—— an experiment of his relating to the motion of the heart, 35. 39. Notes. 
'Laudanum. See Opium, 
Leeuwenhoeck, his calculation of the diameter of a: red globule of blood, 213. 214 
Ligaments endowed with fenfibility, 269. 271 
Lime (quick) experiments on it, 345~347. 385. 
Lime-water, an effay on its virtues in the cure of the ftone, 339—465 
____. diffolves a ftone out of the body, 339. 351. 352. <&c. 
—--- remarkably mitigates all the painful fymptoms attending the ftone, 343. 
421. 422. 449 
. —-— experiments with it on urine, 347 — 351 
— ---— experiments with it upon the calculus, 351—367 
---fhell lime more powerful than ftone-lime, 352. 353. 358 
-- experiments on the various ftrength of different lime-waters, 356—3.58. 469-0* 
— --- lofes its virtu« by frequent infufions, 360—366 * 
«——--table of the ftrength of different lime-waters, 367 
" - - experiments with it and fome of the animal humours, 367, 368 


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