Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Ears, motion of their mufcles explained, 79—81 
.... — their fympathy with the teeth and other parts, 496 
Eel, the motion of its heart, ée- after death or reparation from the body, 184, 186. 192, 
Effluvia of certain fubRances communicate new life and vigour to the body, 493 
Elettricity, a remarkable uneafinefs felt through the whole body by it, 539 
------a palfy cured by it, 483—486 
Emplafirum defe?ißvu7n, an immoderate flux of pale urine cured by it, 708. 709 
Epicurus, his opinion of the foul, 148 
Epilepfy, infectious, 134 
-- a remarkable cure of one, by Boerhaave, 581. 582 
Ereflion, See Penis. 
Evacuations, the retention of accuRomed ones, a caufe of nervous difeafes, 564—567 
Excrements, their dejedtion accounted' for, 91 
Exercife, utility of it in nervous complaints, 642. 643 
.-----riding the beR fpecies of it, 642. 676 
Expiration, does not depend on the mind, 99. 100, See Lungs, Refpiration- 
Extremities. See Hand, Feet. 
Eyes, the effects of light on them, 99 
,_— fore ones infectious, 134. 583 
>... — objedts may be painted on the retina, without our being confcious of them, 154 
—-- why fpirit of wine, <&c. inflames them, 230 
why a poultice, &c. lefiens an inflammation in them, 230 
«_ why acrid fubRances, or paffions of the mind, make the tears flow, 231, 232 
__. their glazed appearance in an apoplexy accounted for, 233 
__ fympathy betwixt them and other organs, 495. 496 
Eye-brows, a pain fometimes felt above them after fmelling to volatile faits or eating muftard, 
49 6 
Eye-lids, their motion fometimes voluntary, fometimes involuntary, 149 
fallcpiana tuba, become rigid when the vagina is titillated, 58 
*— ----- their extremities in time of coition turn towards the ovaria, 58 
Fear, often brings on a fudden flow of pale urine, 134 
• - why it produces trembling, debility, palpitation of the heart, été, 519. 58^ 
«---- epileptic fits cured by it, 58F. 582. 689. 690 
Feet, their fympathy with other parts, 901 
«- convulfions occafloned by tickling their foies, 907, 912 
Feneßra ovalis. See Ear, Tympanum. 
Fevers, fliivering in them accounted for, 987 
• -- regular intermittent one, mofl properly nervous, 987 
Fibres, their diflenfion co-operates with fiimulim producing motion in the mufcles, 4,8- 
«..........— rendered lefs fenflble by opium, 49 
5 G 


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