Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Absorbents. See veffeis. 
Acceleraiores urina, involuntarily convulfed by the fernen, 14 
Affeftions. See Anger, Fear, Grief, Mind, Paffions. 
Air, death of animals in an exhaufted receiver, owing to the vapours arifing from their bodies 
turning acrid, 31 
—— why animals breath high and quick in an exhaufted receiver, 105 
-—— an appetite for it, the caufe of the beginning of refpiration in animals, no 
». — does not enter into the blood by the lungs, 251 
.—— experiments fhewing the change it makes on lime-water, 376—388 
«-- cool and dry, ufeful for nervous people, 640 
Alimentary canal. See Canal. 
Aliments, their parts aft as a gentle ßimulus, 47. 228 
——— improper either in quantity or quality, give rife to nervous diforders, 574. 57^. 
665—668 ' . 
—-— abound with air, 591 
-— ---what kinds moft proper for people fubjefi to nervous complaints, 640 642 
Alfton, experiments of his on dogs, 302. 319. 320 
-remarks on his differtation on quick-lime, 359. 360—366. 469_476 
Amufement, its ufe in nervous diforders, 643 
Anafiomofis of the nerves, fympathy not owing to it, 505 
Anger, why it increafes the motion of the heart, 515 
—- fome grow pale "with it, 516 
»- a great degree of it gives rife to violent nervous fymptoms, 580 
Anima and animus, opinions of philofophers about them, 146—148 
--• .-—- the fame in man, 145 
Animal humours, experiments with fome of them and lime-water, 367. 368 
Animal fpirits. See Brain, Nerves, Nervous fluid. 
Animals (dead) recovered by blowing air into their lungs, 36. 301 
_— why their hearts-and other mufcles continue to move after reparation from the body 
- .......... experiments made with opium on living and dying ones, 309_327 
Apoplexy, the glazed appearance of the eyes in it accounted for, 233 
Arteries, diftributed to the membranes of the brain and fpinal marrow, ferve Co nourifh thefe 
organs, 6. 7. 
-- when tied, the aflion of the mufcles is gradually weakened, 7 
«-- coronary ones, hen filled with blood, cannot be the caufe of the fyftole of th" 
heart, 24 JJJ 


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