Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

A TABLE of the feveral Treatises and Papers 
contained in this Collection. 
1. An efjay on the vital and involuntary motions of animal's Page r 
2. An inquiry into the caufes which promote the circulation of the 
fluids in the flmall veffels of animals - - 209 
3. Obflervations 011 the fenfibility and irritability of the parts of 
men and other animals - - - 255 
4. An account of flome experiments made with opium on living 
and dying animals 
5. . An efay on the virtues of lime-water and floap in the cure of 
the flone - - - - S29? 
6. Appendix to the above efay, containing the cafes of the R. H. 
Horace IValpole* <&c, - - - - - 43 ^ 
7. An efay on the various flrength of different lime-waters - 467 
8. P offcript on Lord Walpole’s cafe - 478? 
9. Some obflervations on the lithontriptic virtue of the Carlsbad 
waters, lime-water, and floap - 479. 
10. An inflance of the electrical virtue in the cure of a palfly 483. 
11. Obfervations on the nature, caufes, and cure of thofe diforders, 
which are commonly called nervous, hypochondriac, or hy- 
fleric - - • 487 
12. Cafes of the remarkable effects of bliflersin lefening the quick- 
nefs of the pulfe in coughs attended with infarctions of the 
lungs and fever - - - - 715' 
13. Obfervations on the dropfly in the brain, - - 723; 
A P P E N D I X. 
1. An account of an epidemic diflemper at Edinburgh and fe¬ 
veral other parts in the fouth of Scotland\ in the autumns 
of 1758 - - - 747 
2. Extrakts of feveral letters to Or Pringle relating to the ufe of 743 
the fublimate in the cure of phagedenic ulcers*. 


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