Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

it was before, the heat of the fkin continues much the fame, and 
fometimes feems rather to increafe. 
I have infilled the longer on the ftate of the pulfe in this period, 
as from thence we can learn the furefl diagnoßic. 
During the fécond ftage, mofi of the fymptoms mentioned in 
the firft continue* The fick are then unable to fit up, tho’ general¬ 
ly they fleep little, till towards the end of this period, when they 
begin to grow drowfy* They moan heavily, yet cannot tell what 
ails them. Their eyes are often turned towards their nofe, or they 
fquint outwards, and fometimes they complain of feeing objeds 
double. Some, towards the end of this ftage, grow delirious, and 
cry out in a wild manner, as if they were much frightened : About 
this time alfo, or later, they frequently void either real worms, or 
fome fubftance like worms in a diffolved ftate yet this difcharge 
gives no relief to the patient, and only helps to deceive the lefs ex¬ 
perienced pradlitioner with regard to the nature of the difeafe* 
The urine in this, as well as in the other ftages, varies it has 
often a large fediment, fometimes none at all ; but moft common» 
ly it depofites one of a light -confidence and a white colour. In fe¬ 
deral I have obferved the urine have a large furfuraceous fediment, 
till within a few days of their death, when it had no feparatiom 
The breath has now, but efpecially in the lafl ftage, fuch a fick- 
ifh and offenfive fmell, as I do not remember to have obferved in 
any other diflemper. During the fécond as well as the firft ftage* 
the patients are often, for fome days, or parts of days, much eafier 
than at other times.. 
The Symptoms of the THIRD STAGE. 
When the pulfe (which for fome time was nearly as flow or 
flower than in a healthful ftate) rifes again to a feverifh quicknefs, 
and becomes regular, the third and lafl ftage may be faid to 
This change in the pulfe is obferved five, fix, or feven days be¬ 
fore death. In two patients only the pulfe did not become more 


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