Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

Soon after he became fubjecft to fits of loofenefs ; he began to fpk 
lefs than he had done for feveral years before ; and then Iobferved that 
blifters, which run longer with him than with moll people, did him 
lefs fervice than formerly, when he had a greater expectoration, and 
no tendency to a loofenefs. During the violence of the worft fits, 
he fometimes almoft lofes his fight, nor is he then able to cough till 
they begin to abate. At firft he brings up a little tough phlegm 
with great difficulty; but as the conftri&ion in the lungs leffens, he 
expectorates more freely, 
For fome years, he had more frequent returns of his difeafe in 
fummer and autumn than in winter ; fudden changes of weather, 
cold, or fatigue, bring on the aflhma, which he can fometimes 
foretell by the palenefs of his urine. Flatulent aliments and what¬ 
ever purges him much, will now, in his beft health, occafion a 
flight fit. Altho* he has been often free from any violent attack 
for two or three months, yet he feldom breathes in the night fo 
freely as one in perfect health. His pulfe is often fmall, his ex¬ 
tremities cold,, and face livid, during a fevere fit. After bleeding, 
his pulfe becomes fuller and quicker, but does not return to its na¬ 
tural flownefs till his breathing is free. The fits are generally 
over in two or three days ; fometimes they laft eight or ten ; and, 
after yielding in part, return a fécond time with more violence. He 
is commonly worft in the evening, or in the night ; and has fome¬ 
times exacerbations in the evening and morning. The paroxyfms 
of late are almoft always attended with complaints of flatulence in 
his ftomach, and he finds relief as often as he brings up wind. The 
remedies which in this ftate have been of moft fervice to his fto¬ 
mach are, the bark, a folution of afa fcetida, the emplaftrum antihy- 
ftericum applied to the epigaftric region, and the diet of flefti-meats 
with claret, A bit of mutton-chop has often given him relief in 
lefler fits of bad breathing. Obferving, that, even in the inter¬ 
vals of the fits, he often breathed with difficulty about three or 
four in the afternoon, he eat a little mutton-chop, beef-ftake, or 
broiled chicken, between eight and nine in the morning, and dined 
between one and two on panada with a little claret, or fome thing 
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