Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

That fenfe of faintnefs about the flomach, with a frequent figh- 
ing and a difficulty of breathing, with which women after child-bear¬ 
ing are fometimes affe&ed, when the miliary eruption does not come 
properly out, are often leiTened or removed by a dofe of the elixir 
paregoricum, or a bolus of caßor. fal. corn. cerv. and opium. 
In the true fpafmodic aflhma, efpecially when it is owing to wind 
in the flomach and bowels, or increafed by this, a folution of afa 
fcetida, the tin&ure of caßor and fpirit of hartfhorn, are often ufe- 
ful, although their antifpafmodic virtue is much lefs than that of 
(2.) Wh en an afthma of the fpafmodic kind is occafioned by or 
attended with fome fixed obflru&ions in the lungs, or a confider- 
able accumulation of humours in them, we mufl ufe a method of 
cure fomewhat different from the above. For although bleeding is 
equally ufeful, and often more neceffary here, than in the true 
fpafmodic afihma ; yet opiates are not to be given to leffen the fits 
till after the lungs have been fufficiently cleared by evacuations and 
attenuating medicines. A large blifler between the fhoulders is of 
excellent ufe to promote expe&oration and relieve the lungs. Vo¬ 
mits are likewife proper, but cannot be fafely given till after 
the aflhmatic fit begins to abate. In fome patients a purge of man¬ 
na and Glauber’s fait, or of foluble tartar, almofl always leffens 
or carries off die fit : while in others, who have weaker bowels, 
whatever purges brifkly, whether it be food or medicine, is apt to 
bring on or at leaft to increafe the fit. 
For prefent relief, I commonly give fpirit of hartfhorn, or com¬ 
pounded ti&ure of caßor, diluted with a fufficient quantity of water. 
With the fame view alfo, a table-fpoonful of a folution of equal parts 
of gum. ammoniac and afa fœtida in penny-royal water, may be ta¬ 
ken five or fix times in twenty-four hours. 
A draught of water, with an eighth part of vinegar, and fweeten- 
ed with honey or fugar, often gives confiderable relief in afthma- 
tic fits ; altho’ fiich is the difference of conflitutions, that I have 
met with fome perfons wrhofe breathing was always made worfe 
by acids of every kind, 


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