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50, about the time the menfes were leaving her, found her belly increafe 
lo much in bulk, that for fome time fhe fufpe&ed herfelf to be with 
child. In the morning, fhe was often lo much fwelled about the 
ftomach, as not to be able to bear her Hays, or breathe freely. She 
ufed a variety of medicines ; but nothing gave fuch immediate re¬ 
lief as a tea-fpoonful of the fpiritus aether eus y mixed with two table- 
fpoonfuls of water. This always made her bring up a good deaŸof 
wind, and lelfened the ftraitnefs and fwelling about her Itomach. 
In gouty cafes, the fpiritus aether eus, a dram of French brandy* 
or of the aqua aromatic a, and ginger, either in fub fiance* or infu- 
fed in boiling water, are among the belt medicines to expel wind*. 
When the cafe of flatulent patients is fuch as to make it impro¬ 
per to give them warm medicines inwardly, a piailler made of e- 
qual parts of the emplaflrum antihyßericum and ßornachicum may be 
applied to the ftomach or belly with advantage ; or four or five 
tea-fpoonfuls of the following liniment may be well rubbed on 
thefe parts at bed-time. 
R. Bair, anodyn. Batean. une. i. 
01. mac. per expreC une. fs. 
menth. drach. ii. Mifce. 
The remedies moft proper for ftrengthening the ftomach and 
bowels, and confequently for leflening the production of flatulence, 
are the bark, bitters, chalybeates, and exercife. In flatulent cafes* 
I add to the tin&ure of the bark and bitters, which I have fo often 
recommended, fome nutmeg or ginger. And when I preferibe the 
filings of iron, I join them with the pulvis diaromaton. When win¬ 
dy complaints are attended with coftivenefs, nothing anfwers bet¬ 
ter than four or five of the following pills every other night at 
R. Af. fœtid. drach. ii, 
Aloes focotrin. 
Sal. Mart. 
Rad. zinziber. ana drach. i. 
Elix. proprietat. q. f. ut. f. pit. gr. iv. 
On the other hand, when the body is too open, twelve or fifteen 
grains of rhubarb, with half a drachm or two fcruples of the con- 
0 feffio


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