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tated than ufual, it rofe to 180 ftrokes in that time, and became 
withal very fmall. As fhe had been blooded and bliftered, and ufed 
feveral other remedies without advantage, I ordered her feet and 
legs to be put immediately into the warm pediluvium, which was 
done by making her fit up on the bed-fide. At firft, it required two 
people to keep her feet in the water, but, in lefs than a quarter of 
an hour, fhe grew calmer, and made little motion either with her 
legs or any other part of her body. After ufing the pediluvium for 
half an hour, fhe was put to bed, but foon began to grow as reft- 
lefs as formerly ; upon which account warm fomentations were ap¬ 
plied to her legs and feet, and renewed from time to time for near 
two hours, but without any benefit. I therefore thought it beft to 
renew the pediluvium, which was ufed at this time for a full hour f 
it foon made her fit quiet, and after fhe was put to bed, akho’ fhe 
did not fall afleep, yet fhe lay feveral hours without tolling as ufual, 
and her pulfe was reduced to 136. As often as fhe began to be any 
ways reftlefs, the pediluvium was renewed. After ufmg it the fourth 
time, fhe got feveral fhort naps, was lefs delirious, and her pulfe 
only made 120 ftrokes in a minute; from this time (viz, the eleventh 
day after her delivery) the pediluvium> which was never repeated, 
above twice in 24 hours, procured her better and lefs interrupted 
reft, and leffened all her bad fymptoms ; fo that in two days more 
fhe was quite free from the delirium, and her pulfe did not exceed 
90 in a minute. 
(b) A gentleman aged 40, after having had a continued fever for 
7 or 8 days, began to rave, and the delirium increased fo much, that 
about the 1 ith day, he could not be kept in bed ; nor would he al- 
low either fomentations, blifters, or finapifms to be applied to his 
legs or feet. In this condition I advifed to take him out of bed, a$ 
often as he infilled upon riling, and while he fat up, to keep his 
feet and legs in warm water. Between feven and half an hour 
paft eleven in the evening, he was feven times out of bed, and as 
often ufed the pediluvium for about half a quarter of an hour, or 
longer, at a time. Before midnight the hurry of his fpirits began 
to abate, he talked lefs, and feemed drowfy. In the firft part of 


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