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large pieces of flannel wrung out of hot water to be wrapped round 
her feet and legs. This application, which was renewed once in 
fifteen or twenty minutes, and continued near three hours, had a 
mod happy effeét ; for her delirium and ftruggling to get up foon 
began to abate ; flie fell afleep at eleven, and did not awake till two 
in the morning, when ihe was quite calm and fenfible -, after this 
Ihe flept near three hours more, and was pretty eafy and clear in 
her head all Thurfday, till the evening, when the delirium returned 
in a lefs degree. But this fymptom being foon removed by freflx 
fomentations, flie palled a good night, and gradually recovered, 
without any return of the raving, fainting, or convulfions. 
Çb) R. B. a boy aged eleven, was feized with a headach and fever. 
Monday, he complained of a fliarp pain in his right fide, on which 
account near eight ounces of blood were taken from him. On 
Tuefday, his head was eafier, but the pain in the fide continued ; 
his pulfe beat 120 times in a minute. This evening, a blifier was 
applied to the right fide. Next morning, the pain was much abated, 
but a flight delirium began, and increafed towards the evening, 
when his pulfe was about 130, tho* no-ways full. Leeches were 
applied to the temples, and poultices to the feet. On Thurfday 
morning, the delirium and fever continuing, his head was Ihaved, 
and afterwards fomented with cloths wrung out of hot water. This 
made him fomewhat drowfy and calmer for a Ihort time ; but ar 
bout mid-day, his pulfe became quicker, fharper, and fmaller, and 
the delirium increafed. At three after noon he was quite infenfible, 
had a fubfultus tendinum with catchings, and his pulfe, which was 
fmall, beat near 150 times in a minute. In this Hate I ordered his 
feet and legs to be immediately fomented, as in the preceding cafe : 
the effect was, that he fell loon afleep and waked at four o’clock, 
fomewhat calmer, and with a little fweat on his Ikin. The fomen¬ 
tations were renewed ; he flept again, and about fix in the evening 
he was much lefs delirious, and his pulfe did not exceed 124. At 
eight o’clock, the legs were fomented again, fora confiderable time. 
He had feveral good naps during the night, and Friday morning, 
4 R 2 was


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