Volltext: The Works of Robert Whytt

And thus much may ferve for the cure of the general occafional 
caufes of nervous, hypochondriac, and hyfteric diforders : I come 
next to mention the method for leffening or removing their par* 
ticular caufes, viz* 
1. Wind in the flomach and bowels. 
As this proceeds either from a debility or fpafmodic afte<ftion of 
the alimentary canal, or from improper aliments ; the remedies for 
performing the radical cure may be found under the firft intention of 
cure above*, and below under N°4. where the treatment of nervous 
complaints, arifing from errors in diety is laid down. The medicines 
proper for giving immediate relief for the uneafy fenfations occa- 
fioned by flatulence, will be mentioned afterwards, when I come to 
treat of the cure of fome of the principal fymptoms of the ner¬ 
vous or hyfteric kind*. 
2. To ugh phlegm bred in the flomach and inteftinesv 
The cure of this phlegm is often tedious and difficult, and, in 
many cafes, can by no means be obtained: For altho’, by repeated 
vomits, we may clear the flomach of the prefent load; yet, unlefs 
that organ is fufficiently dlrengthened and its fecretory veflels re- 
ftored to a found ftate, more phlegm will be continually produced* 
Wherefore, befdes frequent vomits, we rauft have recourfe to the 
bark, bitters, chalybeats, animal food, and exercife, efpecially riding 
or failing Repeated dofes of the t inblur a rhabarbari amara, or elixir 
facrum, are not only ufeful for ftrengthening the flomach and 
bowels, but for carrying down and evacuating part of the phlegm 
that diforders them. I have fometimes thought that the emplar 
ßrum ßomachicum applied to the epigaftric region was of ufe. 
Those who are apt to breed much phlegm in their flomach, ge¬ 
nerally find it neceflary to take a vomit once in ten days or a fort¬ 
night, and fometimes oftener. When a vomit of ipecacuanha is 
* See above, page 633, àc. 
f Si vero pituita ftoraachus irapletur, utüis navigatio. Celfùs de medicina,, lib* 4. cap, 5.


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