Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

ly In the following form, as being lefs difagreeable to the fto- 
ma eh. 
R*.t.a£t, recent, bullieiit. lib. 1. ... 
Alum. Rup. pulverat. drach. i. ad drach. i. fs> Mifce 
ut fiat coagulum y et fero colato adde 
Sacchari albi une. i. 
Cape une. iii. quater in die. 
ÎF the alum-whey occafions a fournefs in the flomach with m 
mrdialgia, a fcruple of crabs eyes or prepared oyfter-fhells, twice or 
thrice a-day, will be ufeful. In one cafe, the alum-whey leiTened a. 
proflwvium menfium after the patient had taken, for fome time, forty 
drops of the tinffura antiphthifica thrice a-day,. without anÿ bene* 
fit. The fame medicine alfa cured a fuor albus of feveral years* 
I have not obferved remarkable effedls from the'bark, in hopping: 
haemorrhages. After an immoderate flux oft he menfes had refihed 
that medicine taken in fubhance for near a fortnight, I have feen it: 
yield in two or three days to fuch a mixture as the following, 
R, Aqu, menth. une. vi, 
, Cinnamom. f v. une. if. 
Confe<5t. Japon, drach. vi. 
Syr. limon, une. ii. Mifce; 
Cape cochl. ii. 4ta vel 6ta quaque hora. 
To remedy the coftivenefs which this mixture generally occafions^ 
it becomes neceffary once in two or three days, to order either fome: 
rhubarb or a laxative clyher. 
The bark, which is more remarkable for its hxengthening than 
ahringent quality, feems to be lefs adapted for hopping hsemörrha* 
ges, than for rehoring hrength to thofe who have been reduced by 
them. However, it is often very proper, not only to give the bark 
after the dux of blood is leflened, but alfo* at the fame time, with 
fome of the ftronger ahringents. 
When a pvofluvium menfium, or a hooding after* abortion, is at¬ 
tended with, or preceded by an acute pain, not inflammatory, iiî 
the lower part of the back or belly, and returns with greater vio¬ 
lence ; as often as the pain returns or increafes, opium will prove a 


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