Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

66 o 
Along with thefemedicines the pediluvium was ufed every night 
at bed-time. 
WH e n, in the decline of life* the menfes ceafe, various nervous or 
hyfteric fymptoms appear, which are generally lefTened, and fome- 
times removed, by frequent fmall bleedings, gentle ftomachic pur¬ 
ges, and iJTues. 
(b) If the hæmorrhoidal Eux is wanting in thofe who have been 
accuftomed to it, we mufl endeavour to recalit by emollient fomen¬ 
tations, and aloe tic medicines. When thefe or other remedies prove: 
ineffecftual, Hoffman has advifed leeches to be applied near the anus 
once a month. 
(c) When old ulcers, or fores too quickly dried up, have given 
occafiön to nervous diforders, purgatives, and efpecially iffues or a 
feton, will be mod fuccefsful in carrying off that humour which 
difiurbs the body. 
(d) When pimples or other eruptions ©n the face have beenSud¬ 
denly repelled by improper applications, violent headachs,. giddi- 
nefs, ficknefs at the flomach, palpitations, and other nervous fymr 
ptoms have been fometimes the confequence. In fuch cafes, if 
the morbid; humour cannot be brought back to the face, we mu ft 
try to carry it off by perpetual blifters or iffues in the head or neck, 
and by mercurial purges. 
3. When nervous or hyfterie complaints are occasioned by ai 
want of blood,, in confequence of an immoderate flux of the hae¬ 
morrhoids, menfes, or lochia ; the. cure conflits in reflraining thefe 
evacuations, and filling the veffels by means of fuch aliments as 
are light and. nourifhing, but not heating.. In the mean time, the’ 
violence of the fymptoms mnft be abated by anodynes and wine,, 
or other cordial medicines. A horizontal pofture is here of confi- 
derable ufe. 
Th e medicines which I have found moil fuccefsful in reilraininn 
■ 0‘ 
an immoderate flux of the menfes, are the tinclura r of arum, terra ja~- 
ponica, alum, opium, and elixir of vitriol. 
I have fometimes given the alum mixed with terra Japonica as in 
the pulvis fypticus ; but of late I have prefcribed it more frequent-


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