Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

fee has obferved this remedy to fucceed bed in thofe whofe pulfe 
was fmall and languid. 
Some young women, about the time of the return of the menfes, 
are apt to be feized with violent pains in their back and belly, 
with faintings, raving, and fometimes convulfions. In fuch cafes, 
the warm femicupium is of great ufe ; but as often this cannot 
be readily got, I have generally ordered, with fuccefs, a clyiter of 
warm water with fifty drops of laudanum, and a flannel bag with 
emollient herbs to be wrung out of hot water, and applied to the 
abdomen. When the patient has been coftive, a laxative clyfter 
with afafœtida muft be given to procure a (tool, before the ano¬ 
dyne one is injedled. 
In the intervals between, the returns of the menfes, in order to 
render the patient lefs liable to the above mentioned complaints, 
I have advifed, with good effect, the frequent ufe of the warm pe- 
dijuvium, fome dofes of the piluU rufi, and thofe oily draughts, 
which, in this cafe, were much commended by Sir David Hamil¬ 
ton * ; and which I have alfo found of good ufe in pains of the 
bowels, in thofe whom the menfes had left. 
I have fometimes met with unmarried women, who were liable 
to be attacked with faintings and convulfive fits, after every pe¬ 
riod of the menfes was over ; which feemed to be owing to this 
evacuation being lefs copious than ufual. In a cafe of this kind, the 
following remedies ufed for two or three months proved fuccefsful. 
R. Alloes focortin, 
Af foetid. 
Extra#, hellebor. nigr. 
Sal. Mart. 
Croc. Angl. ana drach, i. 
Elix. proprietat. q. f. ut. f pil gr. iv. , 
Quarum capiat, v. vel vi alternis nodibus. 
R. Rad. Gentian. 
Calam. aromat. ana une. i. 
Summit, centaur, min. drach vi. 
Flor, anthos, drach. ii. 
M. f. materialia infundenda, per hor. vi. in aqu. bullient, lib. ivi colatur. adde 
Tin# Oort Peruvian, une. x. Mifce. . •. * 
Cape une. iii bis in die. 
4 O 2 Along 
• De praxeos regulis, cap. 3,


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