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end of the fécond year, he had rather lefs of this difeafe ; but after 
he had continued drinking the Mme-water conflantly for near three 
years, he was feized with a fevere and long*continued fit of the 
gout in both his hands and both his feet. This patient cbferved, 
that the lime-water, when drunk warm, mended the Rate of his 
flomach, when it was difordered before the coming on of a fit of 
the gout, and he thought it had a good effedl in driving this difeafe 
to the extremities. The lime-water agreed perfectly well with him, 
and mended his appetite. 
From this cafe it may be fairly concluded, that lime-water does 
not radically cure the gout, or deflroy the arthritic matter in the 
blood, although, by {lengthening the flomach and inteflines and 
preventing acidity in them, it may render the attacks of this 
difeafe lefs frequent, and in fome perfons, perhaps, lefs fevere 
When lime-water is drunk for the cure of nervous complaints 
from an imperfedl gout, it ought to be taken to the quantity of 
at leafl an Englifh quart daily; as, at firfl, it is fometimes apt to 
occafion an uneafy heat in the flomach, a little fweet milk may be 
added to it ; but afterwards it is better to drink it alone. In the 
winter-feafon, and when the flomach is more difordered than 
ufual, the lime-water ought to be drunk nearly blood-warm. 
Soap has been propofed by the late Doélor John Clerk, a phy- 
fician of diflinguifhed charaéler in this place, as the proper folvent 
of the arthritic matter in the blood f. It has fometimes been of ufe 
in old rheumatifms, and may be properly taken along with the 
lime-water, as it prevents coflivenefs and deflroys acidities in the 
flomach and bowels. 
* It may be proper to mention, that a patient of Dr Clerk’s, phyfician to the Royal Infir¬ 
mary here, who ufed to have a fevere and long-continued fit of the gout once in two years, 
has been kept free from this difeafe for near three years part, by drinking off, at once, an 
Englilh quart of lime-water, every forenoon about eleven o’clock. The lime-water taken in 
this way, always purges him twice, or thrice about three o’clock in the afternoon. But as this 
perfon is of a very full habit of body, it is probable that the lime-water has proved ufeful 
to him, rather by that daily evacuation which it occafions by ftool, than by any virtue it 
pofieffes of deftroying the arthritic matter in the blood. 
f Se Dr Pringle’s Obfervat, on the difeafes of the army, part 3. chap, 2. edit, 1.


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