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medies which are möft likely to leflen or remove thefe feveraî 
& r 
ï. Some morbid matter in the blood. 
(a) As we are often ignorant of the nature of that matter in the 
blood which is the caufe of nervous diforders, fo we mud be often 
at a lofs how to correct or expel it. When I fufpeft it to be of that 
kind which produces the arthritis vaga, from knowing the family- 
didemper of the patient, his conditution, and manner of life, or 
his being much troubled with flying pains in his head, arms, or 
limbs, I rely mod upon a proper diet and exercife, with the tincdure 
of the bark and bitters mentioned under the fird intention of cure, 
in order to prevent the generation of this matter, or gradually to 
fubdue and carry it off, when already generated. But fuppofing 
the bark and bitters had no power to dedroy the arthritic matter 
in the blood, which feems mod probably to be the cafe, yet by 
drengthening the domach and bowels, they may not only retard 
thë generation of more, but prevent, in a great meafure, an attack 
tipon thefe parts, which are obferved to differ mod, when, from 
any caufe, they have been much weakened, or otherwife put out 
of order. 
The reputation which bitters have had in gouty cafes among 
the antient, as well as dome of the modern phyficians, led me to 
think, that a well chofen medicine of this kind might be very uie- 
ful in nervous, hypochondriac, or hyderic complaints from an ar¬ 
thritic matter in the blood : And altho’, in patients in the decline 
of life, the tinéture of the bark and bitters has often failed me, 
yet in thofe who were under forty or fifty, I have found it do more 
ièrvice than any other remedy. 
When the patients are liable to fits of the true gout, I increafe 
the proportion of the rad. gentian.. and eort. aurant. in the tindlure, 
adding at the fame time fome nutmeg or ginger, efpecially if the 
domach be cold and flatulent. In this cafe alfo, the tincture may 
be taken to the quantity of two table-fpoonfuls twice a-day. 


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