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as he readily agreed to my.advice, I began with giving him half a, 
grain every night at bed-time. I alfo diflolved two drams of fix aim¬ 
ed opium in four ounces of fpxrit of wine, and ordered him to rub 
a little of this on thofe parts of his head which were moR pained.- 
The dofe of opium at bed-time was gradually increafed to a gram 
and a half, and fometimes he took a grain, twice a-day. He had 
mot ufed the opium a month,, before he became fenfibly better, and¬ 
in eight or ten months found himfelf free from all his moil trouble- 
fome complaints. After this,,, he began to lefTen the dofe of the 
opiumy and to take it only once in two nights,,, and fometimes fel- 
d orner- Only when, from vexation or any other caufe, he was- 
threatened with a ht of the heàdach, he immediately had recourfe 
to the opium in a larger quantity.. He was advifed to ufe exercife 
daily, and to keep his mind; as eafy and chearful as poflible. At 
fir ft he drank a few glaiTes of wine at his meals4 but,, after he had. 
taken the opium for fome time,, he found that a fihgîe glàfs of wine 
heated him, and made his headach worle 4 on which account he. 
eonfined himfelf to water alone. The third year after he began to 
ufe the opium y he was fo free from his complaints,, that, during the? 
Ipace of twelve months, he did not take above three dofes of it. 
It may be worth while to remark, that this patient was fo fal¬ 
lible of any change of weather, that, by a < general feeling of weak— 
nefs and inaélivity, and of pains in his joints, he could have, told,,, 
in the morning before he got ©ut of bed,, that the weather was* 
moifl and rainy, or the winds eaflerly ox foutherly.. 
M. N. an unmarried woman, aged 30, after conliderable vexa^- 
tion of mind, began to be feized in much the fame manner with: 
the above patient, and had taken medicines for five years to little: 
purpofe. The chief fymptoms were a confiant and fevere pain over * 
her whole head, efpecially the back-part; a fiifFnefs in the mufcles 
of the neck, great pain and lcofenefs of her teeth 4 difturbed fleep,, 
frightful dreams, low fpirits, lhakings and tremblings of her whole 
body, cold and hot fits by turns, fiufiiings in her face, flatulence 
and fwelling in her fiomach, with frequent belchings, . inactivity, 
lofs of appetite, flying pains all over her body, j and. inability to? 
4 N z apply


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