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the too great life of tea. I once imagined tea to be in a great mea- 
fure unjuftly accufed; and that it did not hurt the ftomach more., 
than an equal quantity of warm water; but experience has fince. 
taught me the contrary. Strong tea drunk in any confiderable. 
quantity, in a morning,, efpeciaily if I eat little bread with it, ge¬ 
nerally makes me fainter before dinner than if I had taken no 
breakfaft at all; at the fame time it quickens my pulfe, and often 
affeCts me with a kind, of giddinefs. Thefe bad effects of tea are: 
molt remarkable when my ftomach is out of order., 
(g) Exerci se., Exercife is of fuch ufe for ftrengthening the ner¬ 
vous fyftem, that, without its affiftance, the moft powerful medicines 
will prove often ineffectual. Of all kinds, riding on horfe-back has 
been juftly efteemed the beft: It has been particularly extolled by< 
Sydenham in hypochondriac and h y fieri c diforders. It greatly pro¬ 
motes digeftion, fanguification, the, diftribution and fecretion of all 
the fluids ;. and ftrengthens. the whole body as well as the ftomactt 
and. bowels.. Riding is preferable, to walking, as: it. fhakes the bo¬ 
dy more and fatigues it lefs. But it is proper to obferve, that any 
great exercife, efpeciaily riding on horfebank, after a full meal, will 
diforder the., ftomach, and retard digeftion, inftead of promoting; 
The ingenious Dr Gilchrift. of Dumfries has recommended fail¬ 
ing, as a kind.of exercife well adapted to the cure of nervous com¬ 
plaints, arifing from a, weak ftate of the. blood and alimentary ca¬ 
nal, and has given fome inftances of its good effeCts #. Butas we* 
find it very difficult to prevail with any patient in this place to un¬ 
dertake a long fea-voyage, I can fay little on this head from my 
own, experience.; However, I have not only been well informed,, 
that a gentleman who had been long fubjeCt to epileptic fits at land,, 
■was never feized with, them when at fea but a young gentleman, 
lately my patient, who had a very delicate nervous fyftem, and whofe 
ftomach and inteftines.were fo uncommonly fenfible, that a. fingle: 
ftool, procured even by the elixir facrum, made him faintifh ; and 
vomiting or purging was almoft fure to bring on fainting fits with* 
hisTreatife. on the ufe of fea-voyagesmedicinei 


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