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of the chalybeate waters at the wells, or a gill or more of the Pyr¬ 
mont or Hartfell Spa * thrice a day on an empty flomach. 
fKd) The Gold. Bath. Nothing perhaps ftrengthens the nervous- 
fy Item more fenflbly, or gives a greater fpring to all the vefiels, 
than cold bathing; for altho’ the* water only ads immediately om 
the cutaneous nerves and veflels, yet its flrengthening power is, 
by fympathy, communicated to the inmoft parts of the body. 
The cold bath, like the former remedies, ought to be long conti¬ 
nued. The moll proper feafons for it, are the fpring, fummer, and 
autumn. It is enough, efpeelally for thole of a fpare habit, to go* 
into the cold bath three or four times a week.*, but as it tends to make* 
people thinner, thofe who are too plump may ufe it daily. When the 
flomach, liver, or other vifcera are much obflrudled, or otherwife* 
very unfound, the cold bath isr improper, lin ce by turning the: 
blood with more force than ufual upon thefe partsj it. may increafe,, 
inftead of leffening the patient’s complaints. 
Many infiances might be given of the good,eöb(5ls of cold batM 
ing in flrengthening. people of delicate eonflitutions, and making, 
them le fs fubjeél to nervous ailments ; but as fo much may be 
found to this purpofe in Sir John Floyer’s hiflory of cold bathing, 
I fhall only obferve, that I have known it of great fervice to feveraL 
women, who, chiefly from a weaknefs of their nervous fy Item, were 
very liable to fuffcr abortion ; and that a young lady, whofe nerves- 
feemed to have a. very great degree of fenfibility, from the intole¬ 
rable pain which {he felt from bliflers, and- from the very uneafy 
fenfation which was occafioned by every red pimple that rofe on; 
her face, found more benefit from a long courfe, firfi of the: cold- 
bath, and afterwards of fea-bathing, than from bark, bitters, cha~- 
lybeate waters,, and various other remedies... 
* The HartfeirSpa is a water which iflues from' a mountain of that name near Moffat 
In North Britain, it has a ftrong.chalybeate together with an aluminous hafte, is much 
fa tu rated with iron, and Teems alfo to contain an aluminous fait; It is deftitute of that: 
fpirit observable in the i'yrmont water and thofe of Spa. near Liege, but retains' its virtues 
lone er, and m*y be carried to a great diflance without being fenfibly weakened, it is an 
excellent ftrengthener, and has often been found ferviceable in weakneffes of the. fk)mach = 
and inteftsnes with indigefhon and flatulence. For a more particular account of this» 
water, fee Effays Phyfical and literary, vol, i. and Piiilofoph. Tranlaft. vol. 5.0. part. 1»


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