Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

“tamed, or at leafl is not difcharged in fuch a quantity as to relieve 
the patient, or fenfibly to diminifh the fwelling of the belly. 
Lastly, aphthifis pulmonalis may alfo be the confequence of 
nervous diforders, when the morbid matter producing them falls 
chiefly upon the dungs, or when the vitiated chyle or blood forms 
obftrudtions in that organ. 
And here it may be worth obferving, that while the morbid 
matter producing the hypochondriac difeafe chiefly affeéts the flo- 
mach and bowels, the patients are always apprehenfive, and often 
greatly alarmed from any trifling increafe or variation of their com¬ 
plaints, as if they were in immediate danger of dying*, but after 
this matter has left its old feat, and, by fixing on the lungs, has 
brought on an incurable phthifis, they generally ceafe to be appre- 
henfive or fearful, and cherifli the hopes of life to the lafl. The 
reafon is, that when the lungs are affected, there are no fuch un- 
eafy feelings excited in the body, nor fear and difpondency in the 
mind, as when the ftomach and inteftines fuffer, which are not 
only poffeffed of a much more delicate fenfibility than the lungs, 
but have alfo a more remarkable fympathy with the brain and 
whole nervous fyftem. 


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