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nefia alba, vomits, and bitters* file has deftroyed, in a great mea- 
ihre, the acidity in her ftomach. 
I had fome years fince a patient of a very delicate nervous fy- 
ftem, whofe eyes, when his flomach was much troubled with acidi¬ 
ty and flatulence, were fometimes rendered fo very fenfible, that 
looking ftedfaftly on a crimfon colour, or coming fuddenly from a 
bright light into a dark room, or from this lafl into the fun-fliiner 
would occafion a giddinefs and pain above his eyes, together with a 
dimnefs of fight, and a. bilious vomitings 
XVII. Lo w fpirits* melancholy, and' a mania,- 
1. In cafes of an irregular gout, when the arthritic matter falls* 
upon the flomach and bowels* it frequently produces a naufea, fla¬ 
tulence,, low fpirits, anth other uneafy fymptoms. In fuch, winch 
pent up in the flomach or inteflines occafions a difagreeable tho 
not painful fenfation, attended with a. faintnefs, languor, and de- 
preflion of mind;. But at other times, when this arthritic matter 
has left thefe parts*. we may obferve, that a greater degree of fla¬ 
tulence; occafioned by errors in diet, will have no fuch efiedt. Low 
fpirits, therefore, in hypochondriac and hyfieric cafes, may be fre- - 
quently owing to feme morbid matter in the blood, flatulent aneb 
improper aliments, or other caufes affedting the flomach and, 
bowels with a particular fenfation ; which, tho’ not painful, never 
thelefs is attended with great dejeclion of mind* 
2. Low fpirits may be occafioned by obftrudlions in the liypo^ 
chondriac *uifeera, viz. the flomach, liver, <&c,> But as obftrudlions? 
often happen in thofe parts without any remarkable dejedlion of 
mind, whenever they are attended v^ith this fymptom, it muft be; 
owing principally to the nature of the obftrudling matter, or ra¬ 
ther to a particular morbid ft ate of the nerves of xhotevifeera, 
3. A mania, and the higher degrees of melancholy , may pro* 
eeed from fome noxious matter in the blood, carried, from tl i evÿ 
cera of the lower belly, or otheV parts where it was chiefly lodged,, 
to the brain. Of this I fhall give an inftance or two, that fome 
time ago occurred in my practice*.


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